Our Pastors Bishop Sheldon and Co-Pastor Joyce McCarter are the epitome of authentic, dedicated, and eternal leadership. The compelling love shown forth to their members and all those they encounter truly exemplifies Jesus in living illustration. Together, they have created such an innovative voice for ministry and Leadership. They are both known independently for their undeniable personal anointing, as Bishop McCarter was birthed into generations of Pastors and church leadership and Co-Pastor fully committed her life to the Lord and never desired to do anything other than the will of God. As pioneers and matured leaders of the faith, they still have a fueling passion and desire to serve their congregants and all they are assigned to according to the plan of Jesus for their lives through the local church.

Core Culture

Faith, Family/Legacy, Discipleship, Love, Favor


At Greater we believe ALL people matter.


WE believe in the unadulterated word of God, the bible.

3 IN 1

We believe in the Holy Trinity.


We believe that living by faith will manifest a greater you.


We believe in Excellence. It costs but it will pay for itself.


We believe in mental wellness of all that call upon the name of the Lord.


We believe in the abundance of God.


WE believe in serving others and pumping as the heartbeat of God.